This huge DunWell Doughnut sampling party was brought to us courtesy of our friend Jamey over at Dallas Vegan!  Every one of these was amazing especially when you factor in the travel time and precautions taken to ensure their safe delivery from Brooklyn to Dallas.  

Jamey brought them to us as a little bit of “market research” so we could see how ours stacked up against the boys of BK.  We have eaten some of the best doughnuts the vegan world has to offer (Peoples in San Francisco, Red Rabbit in Austin, Whole Foods in Austin, Little Eden in Dallas, Vegan Treats PA, and Ron’s in Vegas) and these blew most of them away even though they were day old!  I cant even imagine eating one of these fresh from the shop, my brain melts at the thought…mmmm.  We were able to try their plain vanilla glaze, chocolate glaze, jelly filled, chai spice, coconut and my absolute favorite, the peanut butter glaze covered jelly filled masterpeice known as the (duh) Peanut Butter and Jelly (queue the angelic voices of thousands of happy children)  IT. FUCKING. RULED. 

Im jealous and sad we were unable to visit the storefront as Jamey said it was really awesome.  They hand carved the wood sign that hangs above the store front, hand lettered the chalk boards and serve their loose tea out of mason jars attached to the wall.  Chris wears bow ties every day, non ironically, and seems like a total sweetheart.  The free doughnut card I received as a thank you for pledging their Indiegogo campaign taunts me as it hangs on my fridge waiting for its redemption.  I swear sometimes i can hear it whispering “let my donuts go” whenever I open the door.

I can only hope we are able to come within 10 yards of the boys at DunWell.  Im looking for a bow tie as we speak….

Please check out DunWell Doughnuts if you are ever in the area!  

support some of our favorite people!

By following this handy holiday gift guide  Jade wrote for Dallas Vegan!  The list features some of our biggest crushes-the folks over at Hipster Food, who also happen to be behind the epically wonderful Chickpea Magazine, Sprout Skincare, a few of our favorite Etsy shops, an epic list of cook books (with mini reviews!) and a list of must read books that have helped us get to where we are today.   Click here to read! 

We need your help!

We have put together a little survey and we need all of you to answer it!  It takes about 2 minutes, it doesnt matter if you are vegan, vegetarian or neither-only that you are in the DFW area.

Send an email to and we will send you the survey.  The quicker the response the quicker we can make your vegan bakery dreams come true!  


We’ve had a busy week-testing recipes, working on our menu and business meetings/planning galore!  Oh, and there’s that one time we catered desserts for the Farm Sanctuary Anniversary Party.  You know, the one with Gene Baur?  But more on that later, and hopefully with pictures!  And the other time we made our chocolate donuts for our favorites-Touche Amore-who put on one of the most amazing live shows we have ever seen (we hope, thanks in part to the sugar rush provided by said donuts!)

We will be out scouting locations this week and we want to know where you guys want us, and what you’d like us to have on the menu when we open.  Even if you’re not in Dallas, head over to the Facebook page and leave us your thoughts!  And who knows, maybe after seeing your suggestions on our menu you will plan a trip to DFW just to see us?

carrot cupcakes!

(all photos by the beautiful Sylvia Elzafon)

Mike’s flyer in action!

(all photos by the beautiful Sylvia Elzafon)

We did it!  We catered/donated cupcakes for our first event.  This wonderful party was hosted by the Texas branch of Mercy for Animals in honor of the Texas State Veggie Fair.  

Nathan Runkle was in attendance and delivered a wonderful speech about how far veganism and the fight for animal welfare has come.  The evidence can be seen in Texas alone.  MFA was responsible for E6 cattle ranch owner pleading guilty to charges of animal cruelty after releasing undercover footage of employees brutally  killing cows.  That means a lot considering Oprah was forced to face charges, in Texas for breaking disparagement laws here when she denounced the beef industry just a few years ago.

We were honored to have been asked to participate and we look forward to  our next benefit party for Farm Sanctuary!

(all photos by the beautiful Sylvia Elzafon)

One of the many things that Mike does in his down time

(via beardscience)

Tonight’s the night!

We’re covered in frosting and jacked up on sugar!  We’ll be at Sons of Hermann Hall for the MFA Kick Off Party with 50 carrot cupcakes in hand!  See you there?