This huge DunWell Doughnut sampling party was brought to us courtesy of our friend Jamey over at Dallas Vegan!  Every one of these was amazing especially when you factor in the travel time and precautions taken to ensure their safe delivery from Brooklyn to Dallas.  

Jamey brought them to us as a little bit of “market research” so we could see how ours stacked up against the boys of BK.  We have eaten some of the best doughnuts the vegan world has to offer (Peoples in San Francisco, Red Rabbit in Austin, Whole Foods in Austin, Little Eden in Dallas, Vegan Treats PA, and Ron’s in Vegas) and these blew most of them away even though they were day old!  I cant even imagine eating one of these fresh from the shop, my brain melts at the thought…mmmm.  We were able to try their plain vanilla glaze, chocolate glaze, jelly filled, chai spice, coconut and my absolute favorite, the peanut butter glaze covered jelly filled masterpeice known as the (duh) Peanut Butter and Jelly (queue the angelic voices of thousands of happy children)  IT. FUCKING. RULED. 

Im jealous and sad we were unable to visit the storefront as Jamey said it was really awesome.  They hand carved the wood sign that hangs above the store front, hand lettered the chalk boards and serve their loose tea out of mason jars attached to the wall.  Chris wears bow ties every day, non ironically, and seems like a total sweetheart.  The free doughnut card I received as a thank you for pledging their Indiegogo campaign taunts me as it hangs on my fridge waiting for its redemption.  I swear sometimes i can hear it whispering “let my donuts go” whenever I open the door.

I can only hope we are able to come within 10 yards of the boys at DunWell.  Im looking for a bow tie as we speak….

Please check out DunWell Doughnuts if you are ever in the area!